Summer Begins!

We have been home exactly one month.  First order of business was to get the yard in shape and the sprinklers up and running.  No problems there, just lots of weeding and the like.  Next, we needed to get re-acquainted with our Park City condo.  It has been 5 years since we bought the place, and back then, we immediately set out to update and refurbish the condo.  This included all new bathroom and light fixtures, light fixtures through out the condo, tiling the front bathroom tub/shower and painting the entire place.  About one month in, our friends Laurie and Joel came to visit and we hired Joel to bring the entire condo up to code. (This guy can build/fix anything!)  After that initial updating and upgrading, I knew that it would be about 5 years before we would start picking away at other projects.  So, this past month, we re-tiled the back bathroom floor, recarpeted the place and purchased a new gas burning stove.  We still have the original counter top (from the 1970’s), so my hope is to replace that this Fall.

While “supervising” all of the new work being done, we squeezed in bike rides and hikes.  We have only seen two moose in the past 5 years, up close and personal, but last week made 3.  We were hiking along the trail at PCMR and there she was lounging in the shade.  She was about 50 feet away and lingering is not advised.


Let’s try that again:

IMG_2578 (1).jpg

Here are two views from up on the mountain, at about 8500 feet:



Summer time means music.  So, time to get back into playing shape with flute and trombone.  First up is Summerfest Artfaire in Logan, Utah.  My jazz sextet, Citrus and Sage, performed on Friday, June 16.  We call tunes from the stage and pretty much improvise the entire performance.



Leaping Lulu performed on Saturday afternoon.  They were kind enough to let me “sit in” on percussion.  One of the Celtic drums of choice is the Cajon, which I am sitting on and playing.  Of course Liz is taking care of melodies on flute and piccolo.  There was a great crowd on Saturday and we were able to sell a bunch of their CD’s.  Leaping Lulu will play a wedding on July 4 and Bountiful Handcart Days later in July.


Opera rehearsals started yesterday.  The season ends on August 9, so the next 8 weeks will be extremely busy.  The shows, which run in repertory, are Madame Butterfly, Rex, Seussical, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pirates of Penzance, and Music Man.  So, lots of sitting in the pit in the dark on 90+ degree days.  I will try and post some pics once the performances are under way.

Our second to last stop on our Spring trip this past March-May was in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  Record snow pack and spring rain swelled Lake Okanagan beyond flood levels.  The condo resort is right on the lake in the village of Summerland, but is built up in elevation a few feet from the water’s edge.  Last we heard, the dock was pretty much ruined.  Sand bags line the shoreline where ever structures are threatened.  Based on news reports, heavy damage included the town of Peachland, Kelowna, Naramata and some shore line properties in Summerland.  Here are a couple of pictures to give you and idea.  Keep in mind that the dock is usually sitting about 2 feet above the water (not a floating dock).



To the left of the concrete, there is supposed to be a small beach.  Last we heard, the lake crested at 29 inches over the maximum full level.  The last time it was even close to this level was 1997.  On a lighter note, we heard that the baby owls had flown the nest.  Here is another picture of them, albeit from when we were there in early May.



So, that is the latest update.  We have been lucky to have mild May and June weather, even chilly at times.  Snow still caps the local mountains here, but that really isn’t that unusual.  I will blog again in mid July, right after the Backyard Bash on July 16 (backyard concert and picnic at Chez Fallis).  Til then!