Von Winning Winery – Promo shots….

Back in Germany, I posted a blog from the Rhine region of Germany.  Recall that we had visited Von Winning Winery when in walks a professional photographer.  He was there to work on shooting VWinning’s next promo brochure and asked if we minded if he included some photographs of Liz and me in his work.  We said sure, as long as he sent us some pix. I have no idea what will be used in the brochure, and although he sent us about 15 photos, I am sure that he took dozens.  Here is the pic of him hiding in the barrels while shooting us in the cave:IMG_1662.jpg

Here are a few of the shots from the set that he sent us:






It was great fun to receive this email of pictures from Herzliche.  It brought back fond memories of the Germany portion of our  trip!

We are performing in a Valentine’s fund raiser concert and then 2 weeks of My Fair Lady next Month.  Then in March, Liz and Leaping Lulu will perform St Patrick’s Day Celebration on the 11th followed by a performance on the Heber Creeper ( a train!) just outside of Park City on the 17th.  We then leave for California on March 18th.  More to come!