Rip Van Winkel……

In truth, we hit the beach because our Logan friends were in Berlin when we were ready to leave Venice.  They would be back in Bavaria in 3 days and would meet us in…..Reit im Winkl.  I couldn’t remember the name of the place so I just called it Rip Van Winkel.   Dirk and Paula Davis are long time Logan residents, originally from Ogden.  Dirk is a doctor and Paula works in finance.  Well, at least they “used to could”.  We attended their retirement party just prior to leaving  for Europe back in late July.  Dirk and Paula had spent 2 years in Germany during his residency days and Dirk had always dreamed of coming back to Germany, Bavaria specifically, and spending a month or so of R and R.  From there, they head to Italy (Tuscany) for a month to continue the party….

Reit is about half way between Salzburg and Innsbruck, Austria but lies with in the German border (about 3 miles in, actually).  It is in the heart of the Alps.  I had no idea why they had picked this tucked away place, but it became apparent as soon as we arrived.  This is a Bavarian Park City ski village with miles and miles of hiking trails and ski slopes.  Unfortunately, it rained pretty much the whole time (2 days) we were there.  We hoofed around anyway and had a great time seeing these long time friends.  Here is their digs; a two bedroom apt on the top floor:


That would be Paula up there on the deck.  The whole town is made up of chalet structures with flowers hanging off of every deck, window, you name it.  And of course there are a few churches:


And an old hill top type of church thing:


And water falls;


And Liz’s room mate:


Most of the cows have cow bells attached and it was a great reminder of our time in Switzerland back in 2010.  We would be hiking in the hills and suddenly hear the cacophony of cow bells in the distance.  Soon we would see the herd as they sauntered by, clanging away.  A shout out to Ethan, who also experienced the cow bells of Switzerland!

On night one, D and P took us to a traditional German restaurant.  It seated about 25 people and served fab food.  Did I try Bavarian beer?  Of course.  Was it any good?  Of course!  On the second night, we bought filet mignon (“flaming yon”, Grandma!) and opened a bottle of St Emilion to go with it.  We finished the evening with cherry schnapps (not sweet at all) and listened to music.  Here is a pic of us partying down:


A few more view pics for you:




The last pic above is a shot of Reit im Winkl from up on the trail.  Too bad it was too cloudy to see the amazing peaks.

Ok, we are off yet again.  Our next 2.5 weeks is dictated by the Berlin Philharmonic.  There is only one night for us to attend, and that would be October 26.  So we need to fill in some time in between.  What to do?  We will add a 3 day stop in Innsbruck (as I write), 4 days in the Mannheim/Heidelburg area and 5 days in Weimar.  We are booked with accommodations through the 20th so we are good to go for awhile.  We will then spend a week in the Berlin area leading up to the philharmonic concert.  We will take a day or two to exit Germany and make our way to the Champagne region of France.  Then Paris or bust!  Tschuss!


Author: euro916

I am a college professor in the music department of Utah State University. I will start my sabbatical on May 1, 2016 and plan to document the year's experiences in this blog. The sabbatical consists of musical endeavors in Europe/UK for 3 months, and half a semester as guest artist in a couple of California universities. Thanks for following!

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