Classical Music Festival 2016

We have successfully traveled to Eisenstadt, Austria for the 2 week Classical Music Festival (CMF) (Aug 3-16)! It has been a whirl wind first week of rehearsals and performances. I share the ongoings thus far:

First up, was a Haydn Mass performance in Pottersdorf, Austria for the Saturday afternoon Mass at the local Kircke. Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven are rock stars here in Burgenland so the town folk showed up en masse!   On Sunday, the tour arrived at St. Stephans in Vienna and performed for hundreds of tourists and residents of Vienna.


IMG_0519.jpgIMG_0515 (1).jpg


The church is beautiful and quite cool and damp in the interior.  The homily consisted of a tribute to the CMF and how in these times of social change and unrest, 150 musicians from 7 countries and 19 states have come together to perform in Austria.  It’s difficult to take pictures when you’re performing, so a couple of pictures of the exterior and interior will have to do.  You’ll notice one of our musicians carrying his instrument in the second shot as we get ready to set up for the Mass.  The only disappointment here is that the entire performance and Mass was live streamed on the web and we didn’t know this til after the fact!

All week long, in addition to the rehearsals of Paukenmasse, Stabat Mater, Mozart Double Piano Concerto and Beethoven IX, several CMF musicians have been preparing for a festival chamber music recital in the Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt.  This took place on Monday night and Liz performed the Doppler Duet with Jennifer Peck, the other flutist in the orchestra.  Again, this was recorded (not live streamed) so if I am able to secure a copy of the recording, I will provide the link in a future post.  The recital hall was near capacity and the performance was huge success.


So, in one week, the CMF as had two major performances and a chamber music recital.  This coming week is the festival headliner, Beethoven IX, in Haydnshaal at Esterhazy Palace (which is also where all of the rehearsals take place).  In addition, we will perform two different masses at Bergkircke, where Haydn was Kappelmeister in Eisenstadt, on two separate performance dates.  There is also time set aside for sightseeing, so I will be showing you some pics of our excursions this up and coming weekend.


Author: euro916

I am a college professor in the music department of Utah State University. I will start my sabbatical on May 1, 2016 and plan to document the year's experiences in this blog. The sabbatical consists of musical endeavors in Europe/UK for 3 months, and half a semester as guest artist in a couple of California universities. Thanks for following!

3 thoughts on “Classical Music Festival 2016”

  1. Exceptional photographs of the church. I know little about music but can recognize some the names mentioned. I am impressed with what’s been done so far, but not surprised. I look forward to any recordingt that becomes available.


  2. I can’t believe you’re missing the NFA national flute convention in San Diego to play in some ‘ole church in Austria. Looks drafty! Ha!!


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