First Month…..

As we get closer, doing our homework and planning, we’ve sorted out our first 6 or so weeks. At the end of the opera season in Logan, we leave for Austria at the beginning of August. Liz, Ethan, Kimberly (singing) and I will be playing the Classical Music Festival in Eisenstadt, Austria (one hour from Vienna). Beethoven IX and Haydn’s Stabat Mater are on tap for the festival. We perform at Esterhazy Palace, where Haydn served the prince for his entire 40+ year career, Pottersdorf (between Eisenstadt and Vienna), in Vienna at St Stephan’s church, and at Bergkirke, where Haydn was Kappelmeister.

From there (Aug 16), the kids fly home and Liz and I head to Dublin. A sabbatical is a sabbatical for Liz too, and spending time in the UK with out going to Ireland would be a travesty. Liz’ Celtic Band, Leaping Lulu, plays traditional Irish and Scottish music. Since she will have her flute with her, we hope to hit the pubs and play with some of the musicians in Dublin, Galway, Cork to name a few. After a week of Irish music, we will head to Islay, and visit my favorite Whisky Distilleries including Lagavulin and LaPhroig. From there, we will head to Gourock (Aug. 23-ish), just outside of Glasgow to visit our very dear relatives from Liz’ side of the family. We have had the pleasure of seeing Bruce and Sheila Murray twice prior and have really enjoyed getting to know our distant relatives (and their families) from across the pond.

Next up, London. We will see some shows and attend Evening Song, a must when in England. Our friends Todd and Susan Kendall (we stay at their bungalow in Cloverdale, CA while bottling Rickards Wine every year) have a house just outside of England and have invited us to come visit. That will take us to the end of August, and we are more than excited. And that’s just the beginning!!